Why wooden sash windows are the most environmentally friendly

Why wooden sash windows are the most environmentally friendly

Wooden sash windows are the most environmentally friendly option for a number of reasons. Depending on whether you’re choosing between wooden sash windows or aluminium sash windows, and even less common, uPVC windows, there are various factors to consider when it comes to environmental impact.

Replacement, repair and recycling

If wooden sash windows are damaged, you can usually repair or repaint them without needing to replace the entire windows. Wooden sash windows are made from natural materials that are easily recyclable. They’re easy to repaint and can weather naturally, which means that they can last for decades longer than uPVC windows which have a limited lifespan. Timber, being a natural material, can be reused and recycled. Aluminium sash windows are also more easily recyclable than uPVC windows, which are made from synthetic materials that cannot be reused. Although aluminium windows will corrode over time and will need to be replaced, their life expectancy is expected to be 10 years longer than that of uPVC windows.


Wooden sash windows are far more long lasting, economical and environmentally friendly than other types of sash windows. Sourcing the timber carefully and treating it well can make even more of a difference to the environment. Wood is a renewable resource, so even if trees are cut down to make wooden sash windows, more will be planted elsewhere as part of an ongoing cycle.

Thermal efficiency

Improving insulation reduces energy consumption, which helps protect the environment and save on utility bills. Windows are a weak point in a property, because they are much more heat conductive than the surrounding walls. A good way to improve insulation is to fit draught proofing and double-glazing, as well as changing the material of the window frame. Wood is naturally good at insulating heat, but different timbers have different levels of thermal efficiency.

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