Why You Need Bespoke Staircases

Why You Need Bespoke Staircases

Stairs can be more than just a utilitarian way to get from one floor of a house to another. Increasingly, custom stairs have been popping up all over the world as a new architectural trend. They not only add character and functionality to any home or business but they can also be designed specifically for your body type, personal space requirements, and style.

If you want something truly unique and special, bespoke is the way to go. While it comes at a premium, a bespoke staircase will be individually designed for your space (and made with the specific materials of your choice), and no other type of staircase can touch that level of uniqueness or individuality.

  • You Can Customize Them 

Not everyone has the room for a grand staircase in their home, but it’s possible to have staircases made specifically to your requirements.

  • You can choose from more materials and styles than ever before

With an off-the-shelf staircase, you have a choice of materials such as steel, timber, and glass. Some makers will only work with select materials for their bespoke staircases. There are some limitations in terms of style and material with an off-the-shelf bespoke stairs uk.

  • You could save money

Bespoke stairs can be no more expensive than a set of open-stock shelves. Depending on your design preferences, the materials you select, and who you choose to do the installation, a bespoke staircase could be less expensive than an off-the-shelf purchase. For example, if you want a solid oak staircase but would have to source the rails and handrails from a supplier separately you could end up with a more expensive price tag than a bespoke option. Each project however requires a separate valuation. It would be best to contact a trusted bespoke staircase company.

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